Friday, April 1, 2022

The Past Bastard forced to take sabbatical because it has become impossible to write parody

As many of our readers are aware, The Past Bastard was booted from Facebook (despite our claim to Masonic satire) for spreading misinformation.

The writers here maintain that it is now virtually impossible to write anything that is more ridiculous than what has happened in the Masonic events of the last few years. In fact, just within the last couple of months we have had reports from:

Arkansas - The GL of Arkansas has essentially barred Freemasons from using social media in any Masonic capacity after GL officers discovered that some of their members were using TikTok. Arkansas specifically forbade members from joining any TikTok lodge. 

Connecticut - A Past Grand Master was shot in the leg when he dropped his gun (other reports say it was another member who dropped his own gun) after a meeting. Consequently, they are looking at disarming the Tylers.

Louisiana - The GM of Louisiana has decided that Freemasonry is a Christian tradition, and has ordered that Bible verses to be read in lodge after opening.

Scottish Rite NMJ - The Northern Masonic Jurisdiction has taken one more step toward becoming a parody of itself by releasing a video by which the audience can receive the 4° SR degree. No word yet if they will start taking dues payments in Bitcoin.

As our readers can see, it is becoming more difficult to imagine scenarios for us to parody when the actual events raise such a high bar of incredulity. We are now considering on reporting just straight news, except we think that nobody would believe it.