Monday, February 6, 2017

Grand Lodge of Arkansas announces travel ban on foreign jurisdictions

Hermitage, AR --  Citing concerns that visitors from outside the state might inform the membership of unusual or unacceptable Masonic practices elsewhere, the Grand Lodge of Arkansas has announced a temporary hold on visiting Masons.

"I don't care what you've been hearing, it's not a ban on Oklahomans," explained Roger "Gabby" Johnson, Grand Lodge Media Affairs spokesperson. "The Grand Lodge, and in particular, the Grand Master, himself, has become aware that visitors from other, foreign jurisdictions have been telling our members about the odd customs practiced elsewhere. We have a responsibility to our membership to maintain the purity of our ancient Craft Masonry here in Arkansas, and we do not want them to become confused by the practices of foreign jurisdictions."

Instead of sending out the list of banned foreign jurisdictions to their lodges, the Grand Lodge found that it would be easier to mail a list of the acceptable jurisdictions.

"Right now we've limited acceptable visitors to those hailing from the Grand Lodge of West Virginia," said WB Johnson. "We're pretty sure that we will be adding those from the Grand Lodge of Georgia, the Grand Lodge of Tennessee, and possibly the Grand Lodge of Hawaii."

When The Past Bastard questioned the Hawaiian visitors, "Gabby" explained, "It's because those guys usually bring pineapples. Pineapples are great with the ham dinners."

--Conte Calvino Gliostro


  1. Yet another false practice of the ARGL. In no way can one man (GM) or even a group (PGM) just up and decided another jurisdiction clandestine or not. Dust off and raad the Bi-Laws Roger (Gabby) Johnson. This is a decision only to be decided by the body of delegates. So unless they want to call a special session from all the members in the state it is ILLEGAL!

  2. It's Amazing how this just suddenly become a issue. Not that other forgin brothern states just up and suddenly change there practices as they have NOT and the brotheren body is aware of that but that the ARGL suddenly up called them clandestine without the delegates permission. Again dust off the AR Bi-Laws and read them again ARGL before Roberts Rule of Order steps in to explain them to you.

  3. Wow does everyone have this big of problem over the "misappropriated" funds? Part of my funds went toward the rTc Rebuild the temple campaign. We had to redo heat & air, plumbing & the roof. The amount of money went where doesn't phase me because our temple in my heart is next to perfection:.