Thursday, June 7, 2018

Comcast network outages force Freemasons to pay attention in lodge

Worshipful Brother Jason Forbin probably captured it best when he said, "I've never experienced anything like this in my life. Completely changed my perspective, it did."

The Past Master of Quintaspunkin Lodge No. 468 was speaking about the widespread outages that have left many people in various parts of the US without phone, and in some cases, internet service this week.

"That is, most of the time I go to lodge, I say hi to everyone, then sit on the sidelines and check my emails, check what's happening on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Grindr. By the time I've updated my Google calendar, old Charlie, the secretary, has finished reading all the minutes, and we're well into the discussions," he said. "I mean, sure, if there's anything really important, I poke my head up and join in, but usually I don't need to say anything."

Other Freemasons have had similar reactions.

"At first I was thinking about just playing one of the games that doesn't need an internet connection," said Jacob Aaron, a new Master Mason from Greyskull Lodge No. 154. "But then I started paying attention to some of the old guys that were talking, and I even got to join in and be part of the conversation. It was pretty cool, and I'm going to try that more often," he said.

Not all Freemasons were so enlightened by the situation, however.

"It's funny, but we did a degree the other night, and I had to pay attention to the entire thing because there wasn't anything else to do," said Rick James, Past Master of Corinthian Leather Lodge No. 421 "I heard every little mistake, every skipped word, and every 'err' and 'uhh' those guys were making," he told us. "I'm thinking that I need to become a more active member by correcting their mistakes."


  1. I've got four words for you guys: Monitor-Shaped-Cellphone-Cases!

  2. And to to the brother whose cellphone started crying Careless Whisper during my degree: Thank you. It took all the nerves right out of me.

  3. The Past Bastard - Oracle of Truthiness. Read this piece and then cruised over to Lodge. Wouldn't you know it, everyone there had their face in their d*mn phone during business. I'm a youngish guy and I am here to tell anyone reading this that one of the things I like about Masonry is that it gives me an opportunity to unplug and connect with humans.

    1. Maybe they were all reading The Past Bastard blog?

    2. That would be dreamy, but I suspect they were just watching "fail" videos on Yootoob again.