Monday, February 29, 2016

Georgia sends Tennessee bushel of peaches in show of appreciation for deflecting criticism

Nashville, TN - In a show of appreciation for deflecting widespread criticism for its decision in September 2015 to vote into Masonic Code an edict prohibiting, among other things, homosexual behavior and fornication, the Grand Lodge of Georgia shipped a bushel of peaches up to the Grand Lodge of Tennessee. Last week, the Grand Lodge of Tennessee became the subject of much online debate for its decision to expel a homosexual couple for being too fabulous for membership, and to place a gag order on Tennessee freemasons to keep them from discussing the matter in public. 

The couple, Dennis Clark and Mark Henderson, were apparently active Masons, and well liked by the other members of their Memphis lodge. According to reports, Clark supposedly wrote a revision to the Tennessee Masonic Code which would have removed the clause prohibiting homosexuals from joining, but was expelled before being able to present it to the next Grand Lodge session.

Regular readers will of course remember that the Grand Lodge of Tennessee came under scrutiny for their decision to follow through with a Masonic trial against Clark and Henderson during the summer, but publicity was deflected by the news that the Grand Master of Georgia at the time had issued an edict which specifically banned homosexual behavior. The Grand Lodge of Tennessee had sent a barrel of Jack Daniels to the Grand Master in a show of appreciation for deflecting mounting criticism of the Grand Lodge actions during that time. Hopefully, Tennessee will get as much enjoyment out of the peaches as Georgia got from their bourbon.  

--Conte Calvino Gliostro


  1. I literally choked laughing. I know this is just satire but I found it hilarious in its truthiness. Well done.

  2. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

  3. Evil triumphs, when good men do nothing.