Monday, April 3, 2017

Order of DeMolay takes step toward transgender equality

Kansas City, MO - In an attempt to keep pace with the Boy Scouts of America, who earlier this year opened their membership to transgender boys, the Order of DeMolay this morning issued a proclamation as its first step toward transgender equality by unilaterally declaring that, effective immediately, boys and men in the Order will be allowed to wear kilts to all DeMolay-sponsored events. Bro. Joe Snow, Director of Membership for DeMolay International, spoke to The Past Bastard about this landmark policy: "We here at DeMolay realize that the world is changing. The absolutes that we've held to since time immemorial aren't quite so absolute, at least to everyone, anymore. While we must tread this new ground cautiously as to not go against the good Christian principles upon which the Order was founded, the leadership here has judged that young men can indeed be taught to be better persons and leaders whilst not wearing pants."

When The Past Bastard asked Bro. Snow how wearing a kilt, a piece of Scottish garb traditionally worn by men, would further transgender equality in the Order, Bro. Snow replied: "It's all about opening our membership up wider than we are right now. These people who are confused about their gender might not be comfortable wearing men's clothing all the time. We want to welcome them regardless of their fashion tastes and let them know we're open-minded as an organization and brotherhood."

While many Masons and DeMolay members were supportive of the Order's proclamation of openness, some were blindsided by the now-apparent connection between kilt wearing and transgender equality. Bro. Jonathan Doe, member of Tuxedo Lodge No. 20 in Kansas City, remarked:  "I just thought figured Masons who wore kilts to Lodge were just weirdos. I didn't realize they were making a blasphemous statement against God-given traditional gender roles! I'm boycotting Burns' Suppers from now on."

When asked if females who identified as male and were taking steps to transition could join the Order, Bro. Snow replied: "Of course not! DeMolay is for men. They could always join the Order of the Eastern Star instead if they wish. I can get them a petition!"

-SK Bro. Mason Burhmaster


  1. You're a poor excuse for a Freemason if you think mean-spirited jokes picking on minorities and ethnic clothing pass for acceptable humor. That it's witless, uncreative, low-hanging fruit is bad enough, but mocking other people is what really makes you a disgrace to the fraternity. You should either revisit the EA lecture on Brotherly Love, or demit immediately and make room for worthier men.

  2. Really dude.... Most of the real scots/irish I know would have giggled themselves sick over this one and speaking as a T person with an interest in maaonic matters due to family connections I had a good giggle as well.
    *by real scots/irish I mean Actual Scots nd Irish vs the Americans who claim it due to family 140yes ago or more being from the Cold country'

    It's not mocking actual scots/irish but its in fact a commentary on a part of American culture where groups try to be more x than x based on a shred of heritage for example police bands at formal occasions using the kilt & pipes at funerals Plus the recent trend within certain social groups f kilt wearing (younger, conservative/'tactical' community

    Plus if your arguing "brotherly love" you can't forget the part of it where you care about your fellow brothers to notice elements of their character and support/acknowledge those traits, gentle humor being a great qay to create and share that bond with them that their habits and actions are something you notice and pay attention too.

    Not being able to have a little fun with each other with self deprecating humor shows that you are far too tightly sound and the relationship isn't close and the real message of brotherly love is thw closeness loyalty and respect being able to work together and support each other. Something that raises the spirits of a brother and/or attempts to entertain through the rough patches of life is completely acceptable.

    The attitude you showed in response to a lighthearted article which didn't label the wearing of a Kilt as something solely done by a minority group (which in the modern age it isn't especially with the rise in kilts being fashionable alternatives to traditional formal dress at weddings and other events in both celeb and American culture in general and common enough that id wager most people know someone who has done it) so it doesn't fit the 'jab at minorities/ethnic groups comment shows you are so tightly wound that you have A. Missed the point and B. Spend more time looking for reasons to be offended than looking at the tone of the article/comment and id wager you are thw one who needs to revisit those lectures.

  3. This article is disgusting. Kilts have nothing to do with being trans, gender roles are not god given, and if you had any respect you would call people what they preferred to be called. Not, "females who identified as male." Absolutely ridiculous. How dare you put tie these terrible people and freemasonry together.

  4. This bothers me. The fact that the only thing keeping me from joining a large piece of my family’s legacy is some pent-up jerk making all the wrong moves. Seriously, how is adding kilts to the dress code making the place more open, especially when you’re still going to degrade and bar actual trans people?