Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Local Brother Denied Masonic Wedding Cake

DODGE CITY, KS – Local Freemason Kevin Leavens has found himself entirely without a Masonic Wedding cake after having been denied by yet another local bakery. 
“It just seems unfair,” bemoaned a visibly troubled Leavens. “I mean, I spend thousands of dollars on local businesses and to be denied something because of the Fraternity I love is hurtful. My wife will be so disappointed that I was unable to get the cake for our Masonic Wedding. I feel, well, discriminated against. Why should being a Mason prevent me from enjoying my special day with my future bride.”
A Masonic wedding is a ceremony performed by a lodge to renew its commitment to the new couple. Many countries perform these weddings, which are becoming more frequently performed in the United States. 
“I feel really bad for Kev. He’s a good guy,” said local baker Pamela Berlow. “I didn’t want to say no to him but his fiancée called me before he even got here. She said a lot of things on the phone, ‘don’t you dare bake a cake for another stupid Masonic event,’ ‘It’s not my damn club—why does he always have to drag me into this crap,’ ‘Seriously, it’s like he loves that men’s club more than he loves me.’ You know, stuff like that. I’ll respect the bride but I could tell Kev felt terrible. I didn’t have the heart to tell him.”
As of late, all bakeries in Dodge City have refused to bake a Masonic wedding cake. 
“At least I know that even though these local bakeries may discriminate me based on the Fraternity I love, I can still wear my apron over my kilt during the wedding," said Leavens. "And when we start having kids. She and I can head to the Valley to have the kids receive a Masonic baptism. She’ll just love it.”

-The Honorable Reginald Farquar, XVI°