Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Masonic Facebook groups agree to moratorium on ring posts

Prineville, OR - After several months of negotiation, the largest Freemasonry oriented Facebook groups have agreed to stop allowing members to post anything about their rings.

"This will include questions about buying rings, pictures of your grandfather's ring, some ring that you picked up from a pawn shop, and especially, questions on how one should wear those rings," said Juan Valdez, admin at The Broken Column.

"The problem with those rings posts," explained Chuck Harpy, admin at All Things Freemasonary, "is that they quickly devolve into name calling threads, with guys slinging around the 'clandy' label, and other accusations. Invariably, within several hours, we have to shut down a thread because of the unmasonic behavior. Masons who are gentlemen in the lodge room can be absolute jerks online, you know."

The Past Bastard asked what the members of these groups thought about this agreement.

"There ended up being surprisingly little disagreement after everybody thought about it," said Art Vandelay, member of the Masonic group. "Ring questions take up a lot of valuable time that could be spent discussing really important Masonic topics, like fundraising, raffles, dinners, and things like that."

"I'm all for it," said 'Sandpaper' Housatonic, who describes himself as the resident gadfly on World Wide Freemasonry. "Besides, I'm sick of all the arguments about which way to wear your rings. Everybody knows it's points in, and anyone who disagrees is probably not a real Mason."


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