Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Lodge uses kids to get more adults

New Hope, TN -- Inspired by an article on Chris Hodapp's blog, the members of Mountain Fell Lodge No. 449 started looking around for projects that needed to be done. However, without ties to a boy Scout troop  or even a DeMolay Chapter, the members couldn't bring themselves to make their small chapter of Job's Daughters responsible for cleaning, painting, or shingling the roof. However, Past Senior Deacon Jonah Momoa did see one opportunity that has led to a positive impact on their lodge.

"I almost didn't even go to lodge that night," said Bro. Momoa. "My wife was sick, and she was giving me the stink-eye about going out to lodge and leaving her with three kids when she was down with the flu. So then I started thinking, it's too bad that they don't have a day care group like we do in our church, and that's when it hit me: we got a bunch of teenage girls who could be doing that. So, I went to lodge anyhow, and brought up the idea. Then Mark Jacobs talked to his wife Ruth -- Ruth runs the Jobie Bethel chapter thing, you know -- and she brought it up to the girls. By the next month, we had the Jobies running a babysitting group at the lodge."

Worshipful Brother James Isiah, Master of Mountain Fell Lodge, told The Past Bastard that he was pleased with how things were working out.

"We've had an increase in members showing up. A few of them are divorced dads who can bring the kids down, where the girls keep an eye on them. And we've had a surprisingly good response from the wives of members who use it as an opportunity to get out of the house, themselves. I think that some of them meet up at the Elks over on Maple Street, and have a few wine coolers," he said.

The Past Bastard contacted Bethel Guardian Ruth Jacobs to ask how well the babysitting idea was going.

"Oh, it's just like those guys to ask that the girls babysit, but not to offer much in the way of compensation," she told us. "They come down on a meeting night, they give the girls leftovers. They're teenage girls, they don't want to eat baked chicken and green beans, for Pete's sake! We're going to give it a few more months, and then renegotiate."


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