Monday, December 7, 2015

When the Grand Lodge Pledged to Start Recycling, You Never Expected THIS to Happen.

Wilmington, DE - The Grand Lodge of Delaware has made the decision to start recycling, but not for the purpose of “going green.”

Faced with dwindling membership numbers that have reduced the available talent pool for the leadership positions, the Grand Lodge of Delaware decided that the current line of Grand Lodge officers will have to be recycled; that is, they will need to run through the officer line a second, and possibly third time, in hopes that there will eventually be enough newer members able to handle the workload.

Noting that many craft lodges do the same thing in order to give the new members time to “catch up” in Masonic maturity, a Grand Lodge spokesperson explained:

“With only a couple of dozen lodges, we barely have enough members to run the craft lodges themselves. Like other states, we’ve experienced a major loss in numbers over the last decade or two, but the incoming numbers from the last couple of years look encouraging. Our plan is to recycle the Grand Officers at least once, giving the new guys at least a dozen or so years to catch up in terms of experience.”

Not all of the Grand Officers are happy about this plan, and some have expressed doubts as to the effectiveness of going around again. “Seems to me that it would have been smarter to just go two years in the same position,” groused one officer who declined to be identified. “But we all voted on several different ideas and that’s the one that won. Makes you wonder how some of the other smaller states are going to handle this problem in the future.”

-- Conte Calvino Gliostro


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