Monday, April 11, 2016

Noted Masonic author to start new book/TV project

Indianapolis, IN -- Chris Hodapp, author of a popular “Dummies” book for Freemasons, announced that he is starting a new book project, and that he is expecting it to become a History Channel TV series. Called “The Temple of Doom,” it will feature stories on Masonic Temples around the United States and Canada that have closed, or are on the brink of closing.

“I mean, it was a natural spin-off from my blog, since a large percentage of my posts are about the temples that are closing in the cities all across the country,” he explained. “I mean, whenever I post something about how the Detroit Temple is in trouble, or the Memphis Temple is closing, or the Little Rock Temple is selling to Walmart, those end up being my top rated posts. I mean, I figured if that’s the kind of thing that Masons love to read about, then why not just stop what I’m doing and focus on the kind of thing that sells books?”

Hodapp, the ninth most popular Masonic author in the US, said that he can’t give out too many details because he is in negotiations with The History Channel to turn the blog posts and book into a series.

“I mean, I can’t tell you all the details, but I can tell you that my idea is to feature one temple a week. It won’t be just the big, city temples, but we’ll do some of the smaller town ones, too. Shots of the town, historical archives, old pictures, things like that. We get lots of Masons who love that kind of thing, you know?”

We asked Hodapp if he would get into any detail as to why those old buildings were shutting down.

“Naw, nobody is really interested in that kind of thing,” he said. “Dues haven’t increased in a couple of generations, and the membership is down, but we all know that any attempt to raise dues five or ten bucks will get all the old members out of retirement to vote it down. That’s something that seems to be the same, no matter what size temple you have.”

- Conte Calvino Gliostro


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