Monday, June 6, 2016

The New Traditional Observance Magazine

Colorado Springs, CO -- “Exciting” is the word used by Tom Kroegan when he described the newest “oldest” Masonic periodical to come out. “The Alchemical Mason" is the only Traditional Observance Masonic Magazine in the world,” Tom told us.

This Past Bastard writer decided to pick up a copy when we went out to get our morning coffee, but it turns out at $50 an issue, we didn’t have enough cash to get the coffee.

The new magazine focuses on the “traditional” forms of Freemasonry, such as: only allowing Christians into the order, banning anyone who has a physical disability, or having high dollar dues. “Dues were the equivalent of like $10,000.00 in 1899. It’s time to make Freemasonry great again," said Tom. 

Tom let us know that the magazine is currently  produced at a Kinkos but has plans to rent space in a real facility to add to its legitimacy, and to possibly take advantage of its financial stability. Articles in the magazine will feature the same guys who write all the other "Traditional Observance" stuff out there, including the savant who wrote about the psychology of Masonry; which, after reading, made me want to finish my Psych 101 class.

As Masonic magazines go, this one is pretty on par;  ads for products sold by the same guys who publish the magazine, information on symposiums headed by... you guessed it, the same guys bringing you the magazine, and just to keep the playing field even, probably one or two ads for “Observing the Craft,” Andrew Hammer's brainwashing marketing of the Traditional Observance movement.

I'm sure that all Traditional Observance junkies will be happy to subscribe to the bimonthly issues.

-Worshipful, Dr. Chaz Nagler, Esq. 49˚


  1. Glad to see these guys are taking their obligation so seriously.

  2. Brutal. Who could that fellow who makes you want to finish Psych 101 be, I wonder....LOL.

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