Monday, June 13, 2016

Lodge sets new dinner record

Wellington, MO - Composite Lodge No 279 claims to have set a Masonic record by serving the exact same meal for 60 years.

“We have two special meals a year,” said WM Fred Cowan, “and since 1955, at our Fall Festive Board, every single year we’ve served baked chicken, canned green beans, and boiled potatoes.”

They never set out to set any records, but last year several of the Past Masters recalled that their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers had talked about eating the exact same dinner. WM Cowan asked the Secretary/Historian to check through the minutes to see how long the lodge had been serving the Fall Festive. “We were a little surprised that it had been going on that long,” he admitted, “but after 59 years there wasn’t any point in changing the menu.”

WM Cowan didn’t think that there would be any chance of changing it in the future, either. “We’ve had three generations of brothers eating baked chicken, canned green beans, and ‘taters,” he said. “That’s like a tradition now. No other lodge can claim to have been serving the same meal as long as we have.”

When asked about the other special dinner, WM Cowan said “Oh, the June cookout? Why, burgers, hot dogs, and potato salad, of course. It would be un-American to serve anything else”

-- Conte Calvino Gliostro


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