Monday, January 2, 2017

Massachusetts lodge sets new record

Agawam, MA -- The members of Moriah Lodge were excited to learn that they had set a new record at their last meeting for the length of time spent introducing Grand Lodge officers. The record was officially confirmed by the International Office of Masonic Affairs.

“It started out as a typical evening, and we hadn’t set out to break any records or anything,” said WB Arlo Brockton, Master of the lodge. “But all these Grand Line guys started showing up, along with Past District this, and Very Worshipful that, and by the time we got them properly lined up and started introducing them, we were passing the 30 minute mark.”
Grand Lodge officers waiting outside the lodge to be
properly introduced before a degree. 

The record for lodge introductions was set in 2007 by John Brown Lodge No. 322 in Virginia, running to 48 minutes of introductions for a regular stated communication.

“When we were around the 40 or 45 minute mark, we figured we were about done, but suddenly a whole gang of past and present Grand Lodge guys from Connecticut showed up, along with their entourage of District Deputy Grand Masters, and whatever else they have down there. That surprise pushed us well past an hour and twenty minutes. After that, our Secretary thought it would be a good idea to send in the statistics to be considered.”

Moriah Lodge had originally planned to perform an Entered Apprentice degree; however, they decided to reschedule when they realized that after the introductions there would be no time for the candidates, not to mention a lack of room for circumnambulation.

"We tried to explain to the candidates that it was a historic moment for them, but we aren't sure if they quite understood. Hopefully things will go a little more smoothly in a few months when we have the next set of degrees scheduled.

-- Conte Calvino Gliostro


  1. I hope this is a joke, lol. We don't line up where I am from, only Prince Halls do that! But I thought 30-40 minutes was about average to dust the pancakes off your suit, get your cane, stand up, talk forever, and then adjust the line, lol.