Thursday, March 29, 2018

Rhetorical Voices: Which way do you wear your ring?

The Past Bastard interviews random members from random lodges on random topics of Masonic importance.  

Question: Yes, it's a common question, but which way do you wear your ring?

Bob Hoggler: Secretary, Will Rogers Lodge No. 536
"What kind of question is that? When I was raised,and my grand-daddy gave me his ring, my worshipful master told me that all Masons everywhere wear it with the points just where you see mine right now. Naturally, I never questioned what he said because I figured being the Worshipful Master, he would obviously just know, right? I mean, jeez, why would anyone, anywhere else, would do it differently than how I've got it on right now?"


Derrick Talc: Senior Deacon, Ditchwater Heights Lodge No. 1667
"Funny you should mention that, because I'd been thinking about it for the last week, ever since I dropped my ring on the floor and accidentally stepped on it, 'cos I didn't have my glasses on when I was looking for it -- ever do that? Like, you know, look for something without your glasses, because you don't know if you've found it, right? Like, it should be second nature to put your glasses on, but sometimes you don't even know you don't have them on, so you just start doing something and you can't even see what you're doing, but you keep doing it anyhow, 'cos you just can't remem... I'm sorry, what?"


JR "Larry" Storch, Inner Guard, Candida Falls (Ont) Lodge No 9. 
"Oh, yeah, I gave a talk on this last month at Hamilton Lodge, just north of here. Nice bunch of guys, eh? I had some Timmie's with me on the drive up, and when I got there they had some caribou steaks and some home made poutine. Man, those boys really know their hospitality, eh? Can't wait to visit on up there again, after it warms up and thaws out a little."


  1. Everyone knows there's only one way to wear your ring! Anyone who doesn't know that doesn't deserve to be called a Mason.

  2. Ahh... how to wear a ring, the perineal question.

  3. I usually wear it with fingers pointed out, unless you ask about it, then I wear it finger pointed up.

  4. I have heard this trivial argument over the years with several interpretations. For example, you wear the ring top-down (so you see it) to remind you that you are a Mason, or wear it (bottom-up) to show the world you are a Mason. I've also heard it said you wear it top-down if you are a regular Mason and bottom-up when you become a Worshipful Master (and vice versa). The truth is, it doesn't really matter and you should wear your ring to suit yourself.

  5. Alls I can say is that Derrick Talc guy is HAWT!