Thursday, February 7, 2019

California Lodge to Modernize Dues Structure

Van Nuys, CA -- Citing a need to increase both dues and membership numbers, the members of Arbonne Lodge in this Los Angeles suburb have restructured their dues, so they now have various levels of membership.

“We think that we’re just breaking ground for many other lodges,” said Tim Ericson, Treasurer of Arbonne Lodge. “It’s almost embarrassing that someone hasn’t come up with this idea already.

Beginning in 2020, Arbonne Lodge will require new members to pay an initiation fee, plus the lodge dues of $125. However, if the candidate can get five more new members to sign up, he gets 20% of the initiation fee refunded to him.

“But that’s not the best part,” said WB Ericson. “After he gets five new members behind him, he’s elevated to “Master Mason Gold” status. That will entitle him to some special privileges around the lodge, like reduced prices on meals, or being able to rent the hall for ten percent off. And if each of his five members manages to bring in five, themselves, then he qualifies for Master Mason Platinum status.”

WB Ericson told The Past Bastard that they are still working on what privileges will come with the Platinum, and also the Iridium, Emerald, and Diamond levels. “We haven’t worked out all the details of those yet, but we figure we’ve got a couple of years before we need to firm it up” he told us.


  1. On the level just different degree of levels. This could be better illustrated with circles

  2. What is a "Past Bastard"? And how do you justify different levels of Master Mason?

    1. There will be no additional degrees or levels of MM (wink-wink) only different levels of misinstruction.