Thursday, May 17, 2018

Controversy erupts over Demolay decision to accept girls into their ranks

Eureka, MO -- The Masonic youth community has been in a state of concern after the announcement earlier this week that the Order of Demolay International would begin accepting girls into their ranks. The Past Bastard reached out to members of the Masonic youth organizations for their feedback.

"It's obviously politically correct virtue signaling," said Master Councilor Larry Needles, Northeast Regional Director. "The head honchos at Demolay International have seen falling membership, and now they want to shore up those sagging dues by taking the girls in. It's going to end up just like the Elks, mark my words."

Other members of the youth community aren't so sure.

"I know what this is about," explained Suzie Hormel, Midwest Chapter head for International Order of Rainbow for Girls. "Everybody knows that the Jobies -- that is, Job's Daughters -- is on the verge of collapse. The decision by Demolay is an obvious ploy to pick up the membership from the Jobies that will be left with no place to go. Unfortunately, our own leadership did not have the foresight to start introducing Rainbow chapters in those states."

Not surprisingly, this was denied by Job's Daughters officials.

"We Jobies are doing just fine, and anything you're hearing about us is a bunch of lies from disgruntled former Bethels," claimed Supreme Guardian Rebekah Sleet. "Not only is the whole state of Nebraska in support of our girls, but we've never had any instances of disagreements in our organization. I have no idea where the Rainbow ladies get off on suggesting that we're on the verge of anything."

The Past Bastard contacted Demolay International for a statement.

"It's not what you think," said one official on the assurance of anonymity. "Yes, Demolay, like other groups, has seen a drop off in membership. However, we believe that the time is right in our society to accept young women into our chapters, because they certainly will be able to learn responsibility and leadership as well as the boys. Perhaps better."

The Past Bastard will follow this story as more develops.


  1. I heard the GL of Utah is now going to start their own organization for boys called The Smiths. [Not to be confused with the English rock band]

  2. Who has jurisdiction over the State of Concern? Sounds like an opportunity to me...