Monday, July 4, 2016

Arturo De Hoyos To Translate/Update Anderson's Constitutions; Book Tour Imminent

Washington, DC - Fueled by the success that has arisen out of repackaging works written by others, Arturo de Hoyos, Grand Historian of the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction, has announced his next project: an updated translation of James Anderson's Constitutions of Masonry. Bro. Joe Snow, a spokesperson for the Scottish Rite, explained: "We are incredibly pleased with Illustrious Bro. de Hoyos' decision to update one of the most foundational Masonic works ever written; his updated translation and commentary will ensure that this important historical work can be readily digested by anyone in the Craft today."

The project, tentatively entitled Art's Commentaries on Anderson's Constitutions of Masonry, is reportedly nearing completion and marketing efforts are currently under way. "We're working on a book tour now," Bro. Snow explained. "It'll be a huge deal! Come down to your local Scottish Rite valley -- well, the southern ones anyway -- pick up a book, and meet the author!" When The Past Bastard pointed out that James Anderson was, in fact, the actual author of the Constitutions, Bro. Snow stated: "As in the case of Albert Pike's Esoterika or the Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor & Guide, the original authors laid the ground work, but Bro. de Hoyos' updates perfected those 'rough' ashlars and made them accessible across the Craft for generations to come!"

Bro. Snow seems hopeful that this project will spin off others like it. "Once we get the book tour under way, we'll likely make this work required reading for the Master Craftsman XVII course. Ultimately, it is our hope the revenue opens up options for the Scottish Rite's most ambitious project yet -- Art De Hoyos' Holy Bible Monitor & Guide! As thousands of mere mortal men have been sparked by the Divine to reinterpret the literal word of God, Art de Hoyos takes on Masonry's preferred Volume of Sacred Law and finally makes it accessible to 33rds and Master Masons alike!"

Regardless of the original source of the work, one thing is clear. As long as Bro. de Hoyos keeps writing, this writer of The Past Bastard will keep reading.

-SK Bro. Mason Burhmaster


  1. I can't decide if this is parody or insult. Bro. DeHoyos has certainly made Masonry more accessible and not by dumbing it down. Esoterika would still be unavailable if it weren't for him and the Monitor is a huge improvement over Pike's old liturgies. As far as Morals and Dogma goes, Pike compiled it from sources which DeHoyos reveals and he adds what seems like as much material as Pike himself -- and it's better organized. I'm fairly sure DeHoyos didn't publish his books for his own edification but he did it for us, and I for one, am glad he did. One day I'd like to meet him in person and ask for his signature in a few of his book. One last point: Anderson didn't write the Consitutions, he compiled them. Don't take this wrong ... I enjoy the Past Bastard. keep it up, brothers!

  2. Thanks, bro! We endeavor to ensure that our satire is written in a way that as factually accurate (and politically irreverent) as possible. -MB