Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Initiative: Lodge Offers $1.00 Dues to Men Who Just Want the Association

Seattle, WA - Newberry Lodge is among a few in the district who are offering a new initiative. While lodge dues are going up all over the nation, Newberry’s are going down…for some. In a landmark move Newberry is offering $1.00 dues to men who have been long time members but do not attend.

John S. Ward, Worshipful Master said “We know they're out there, and we know they value the membership, but they don’t attend. So why make them pay for all the amazing things we’re doing in a lodge? They just want the membership, so they can pay for the $1.00 version.” Members taking on the $1.00 membership will of course get what they paid for, that being email notifications, robo-calls and a special dues card which signifies their member status or tier.

The idea of tiered Masonry is somewhat of a new concept that's being put in place. Members on the $1.00 plan will have restrictions, for instance; they must donate the required amount before eating, are not invited to special dinners and can not visit other lodges. “Folks complain about the dues being high, but they aren’t here to see what we do, so if they don’t see the value, they don’t want to pay for it. This solves it.” said WB. Ward.

Some members have complained that this is "unbrotherly", the idea of a tiered system, but when the lodge invited them to come out for the vote, they didn’t show.

Worshipful, Dr. Chaz Nagler, Esq. 49˚


  1. Or they could just join the Dollar Raise Club. ;-)