Thursday, October 22, 2015

Area Man Hospitalized With Petition Addiction

Spokane, WA - After feeling a tightness in his wallet late Tuesday evening, Ronald Frederickson of Spokane Valley, WA was found unconscious at home after having signed a petition to join the Royal Order of Scotland. 
Frederickson has suffered from petition addiction since early 2009, after signing his first appendant body petition to join the El Katif Shrine Temple. Having joined more than 15 organizations, including the YR bodies of Spokane, Spokane Valley of the Scottish Rite, Job’s Daughters, Demolay, and a number of invitational bodies, Frederickson’s addiction placed a huge strain on his family, costing thousands of dollars in dues per year and spending 80 hours a week in Masonic meetings.

Frederickson had admitted himself into local outpatient treatment facility in early 2013. Frederickson’s hand, permanently disfigured from signing his name on petitions, checks, and charters, had been seeing recent signs of improvement after two years of physical therapy.

“He was showing some real good signs of progress,” said wife, Chris Frederickson, “he actually remembered my name for the first time in years. He was even recognizing the face of our son. This is a huge setback. I just… I just don’t know where we go from here.”

Upon regaining consciousness, Frederickson reportedly asked the medical staff if the forms his wife completed qualified him to be elected as an official patient of the hospital and how much his hospital life membership would be. 

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