Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Man Protests Youth Group Dinner Amidst Fears That Jobie Meatballs Contain Actual Jobie

Cheyenne, WY--A Wyoming Freemason has taken to the streets in protest of the local Jobie Bethel's annual fundraiser amidst concerns of cannibalism. Joe Snow, of Cheyenne Lodge No. 226, explained: "Well, I was coming down to the fundraiser dinner to support the Masonic youth groups and asked the Bethel Guardian what was on the menu. To my shock and horror, she replied with 'Jobie meatballs!' I can't abide cannibals, especially when they prey on our children, who are the future of Masonry!"

Local Bethel Guardian Edwina Sanchez states she tried to calm the man down and explain that the meatballs were made by Jobies, not with Jobies: "He just wouldn't listen. He started screaming 'meat is murder' and ran out of the hall. About an hour later, he came back with signs and started picketing. The dinner's been over for three hours now and he's still out there!"

Founded in 1920, Job's Daughters International a.k.a. Jobies is a Masonic-sponsored youth organization for girls and young women aged 10-20. The organization is commonly referred to as simply Job's Daughters, and sometimes abbreviated as JDI. Job's Daughters welcomes many religions and cultures. No word on how tonight's events will affect next week's DeMolay ham dinner fundraiser.

-SK Bro. Mason Burhmaster


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