Monday, November 16, 2015

Famed Author David Icke to Sponsor Reptilian Masonic Charity

Isle of Wight, UK--Famed author and conspiracy theorist David Icke who has written several books on the hidden agenda of the world's elite and lectures on the Reptilian Alien Agenda announced last week on "The Blaze" that he would be hosting the first ever Reptilian Overlords Charity Ball.

Years of making claims of the Reptilians' "Masonic" agenda and exposing the world for what it really is, Icke has finally announced that "...When the Reptilians arrive, it will be because they need a new world; they will be impoverished, and that means they will need our assistance." David has held a long stance against the Masonic Reptilian agenda but says he just can't stand by when he knows someone might need help.

Years ago, Icke announced on the telly that he was Jesus Christ but has since forgotten that it ever happened. He cites that it may have been "Reptilian Mind Control" which made him act the way he did. Icke who has been mostly dormant for the last few years hopes that the charity ball will be held in the UGLE and that Reptilians from around the world, who are already living amongst us, will attend.

Menu items will include human blood, goats, and other Reptilian delicacies as well as pancakes for all the Masons sure to attend the event. Fundraising efforts will be facilitated through direct donations in the form of checks payable directly to David Icke or prospective donors can support the Reptilian Agenda by buying a T-Shirt on Teespring.

The UGLE has refused to comment on the event, but several keynote speakers are scheduled to appear. Among Icke, Alex Jones is said to be scheduled for an appearance and a talk about the New World Order, but only if they can guarantee him a 72 oz steak and a case of PBR. Jim Marrs, former newspaper journalist, will also be there promoting his new book, "Aliens, Freemasons, and my Awesome Beard".

This is one conference /  charity ball I won't be missing. Chaz Nagler....out.

-Dr. Worshipful Chaz Nagler 49˚


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