Monday, November 23, 2015

Netflix Inks Exclusive Deal With Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

Lexington, MA - Surrounded by ranking members of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings excitedly announced his company’s acquisition of the exclusive streaming rights to the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction's entire video degree collection. “This is a great day for Netflix and an outstanding day for Scottish Rite Freemasonry!” Hastings said to a crowd of Scottish Rite brothers in Lexington, Massachusetts. 
“With this partnership, we can bring NMJ to the forefront of technology. The NMJ’s content is solid. Degrees about WWII Chaplains and singing woodsmen? Amazing. We have so much to work with here."The NMJ, which has suffered from declining DVD sales for years, is hoping to see a boost in profit per petition going forward with this partnership. 

“It’s really a win-win,” said AASR-NMJ spokesperson Gail Stevenson in an exclusive interview with The Past Bastard. “We can leverage our position as one of the largest Scottish Rite presences in the world and Netflix now has a way to really broach the hard to reach aged 55-75 demographic that they just haven’t penetrated yet. 'Longmire' just isn't doing it for them.”
A large part of this deal hinged upon giving Netflix the exclusive right to produce new content using the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction's existing catalog of video degrees. Netflix has since announced that the first of these original programs will be a reimagining of the 31st degree, with the new title, “Bro. Red Skelton’s Ode to the Pledge.”

-The Honorable Reginald Farquar, XVI°