Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Breaking News! Overnight Masonic Satire Sensation Inspires Copycat Antics; Masonry is Doomed

Tampa, FL--The Past Bastard has received breaking news that the overnight Masonic news satire sensation (that'd be us) has officially inspired others to take up the front lines of the fight against all Masons who simply take themselves, and others, way too seriously. "Coach" John Nagy, Masonic author, social media guru, and The Past Bastard satire enthusiast has released his own article entitled "Membership Decline Linked to Climate Change" on his blog Building Better Builders!

SK Mason Burhmaster, Managing Editor for The Past Bastard made the following statement: "We at The Past Bastard laud any attempt to call attention to eccentricities of the Craft through cleverness and humor; however, Brother Nagy's attempt to correlate Masonic membership to bodily-produced greenhouse gases was simply too full of 'hot air' to appeal to a large readership. Notwithstanding, it is a pleasure to see the 'winds' of change taking shape in the Masonic blogosphere."

Brother Reginald Farquar, featured writer of The Past Bastard also chimed in, "...wait, what? Why are you bothering me? I didn't even have time to write my own bio for the site. Why on earth would you think I'd have time to talk about what some other guy wrote about greenhouse gas? I drive a Hummer."

Regardless of whether you prefer to stand upwind or downwind of Brother Nagy's humorous antics, one thing is for certain: Masonic satire, much like the occasional putrid fart, is destined to hang around for the time being. Brother Nagy's full article can be viewed on his blog, Building Better Builders!

-Bro. Dionysius Bacchus III


  1. My Good Bro. Dionysius Bacchus III

    I suspected that you might get wind of my article. Thanks for sniffing it out and giving me your two scents worth. Thanks too for helping us all bring odor to chaos. We need to help leak more of this to others.


    Coach Nagy

  2. Another good thing about alternative news sites is that they don't get bogged down with rehashing things over and over again. ghosts